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WARNING: Claim IDs are to be generated by employees only. Misuse of Claim IDs by NNA employees or dealers are subject to audit.

Please read through the following Code of Conduct rules and check the box below indicating that you will adhere to NNA policy 0-130.

  1. Code of Conduct - NNA Policy 0-130
    1. Nissan employees are prohibited from accepting any form of compensation from Nissan or Infiniti dealerships, anyone connected with a dealership or any VPP participant for sponsoring VPP Purchases. This includes cash payments or free or heavily discounted servicing, parts or accessories.
    2. Nissan employees are prohibited from giving a dealer permission to use their employee information for the dealer to sponsor VPP purchases.
    3. The solicitation or acceptance of money, items of value or discounts from the VPP price as defined in this document from a dealer or anyone connected with or acting on behalf of the dealer in connection with the purchase of a vehicle under this plan is prohibited.
    4. Any abuse or violation of this policy, the VPP benefits or falsification of a VPP claim may result in disciplinary action.

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